ef Neve needs little introduction. Famous in Belgium and abroad for his virtuoso piano playing, in recent years our national jazz pride also demonstrated his talents as a composer. In this performance, the Belgian pianist encounters NOHlab, one of the most Turkey’s foremost Multimedia collectives. This world-premiere is created for the occasion of EUROPALIA TURKEY. The audio experience is going to become audio-visual with a realtime visual generator software NOS; developed by NOHlab and Osman Koç. NOS is going to turn the video production into a performance while it makes the realtime audio analysis a part of the visual calculations and it will enable to perceive audio and video as a whole.

NOHlab is the digital studio of two young partners, Deniz Kader and Candas Sisman, who can be described as art directors, project mappers and audiovisual performers in the Turkish communication and cultural sector. Osman Koç is an engineer/artist based in Istanbul and the co-founder of Iskele47. He seeks different interaction methods for stages and art installations and creates prototypes for art, design and industrial projects alongside with being a technical adviser. PIANO: Jef Neve / jefneve.comART DIRECTION & PERFORMANCE: Nohlab (Deniz Kader & Candas Sisman) / nohlab.comCREATIVE CODING: Osman Koç / Visualisation with NOS Visual Engine